Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Babydoll dress, finally...

Yeah, I waited too long to make these baby doll dresses. I have been collecting fabrics perfect for such cute silhouette but I always end up with doing something else. Maybe because I've seen too much of these dresses around?

However, I thought why not still do it, but with a fabric that I think is not as much used for this design. Denim, what else?! LOL! But I had it faded, because I love the comfy, worn-in look. You probably know this if you've been following me long enough since my early distressed and faded denim shorts days.

I came up with 7 pattern versions and 5 or so prototypes to shape this dress into what I had envisioned. I love what I came up with and made a few, now all available at my Etsy shop. I am planning to have this in prints soon, but for now, let me share with you the photos I took. I had Shefali to star in it, and gave her black accessories. The 90s styling reminds me of my teenage days.

Dollies, this is the 90s baby doll dress in faded denim...

Up to 7 pattern versions ;P

And I have been enjoying video editing lately, let me share with you this:

That would be it for this post...
Til our next chat!